That is because we are all unique

In Webster’s dictionary they define home as a place where a person lives. That is technically, what a home is but there is more to it than that. There’s the location of the place, the people there and the feelings or experiences and maybe the surroundings of the place. No one can have one specific definition of what a home really is. That is because we are all unique, some of us call the big cities or small towns home, and it may be in a different part of the world. The truth is, wherever life may take us, there will always be one place to come back to and call home.

My life has taken me in the direction of Phoenix, AZ. I am currently attending Glendale Community College and it is wonderful here. Although I had grown up in Flagstaff, it is a change that has given me many opportunities to better my life. First of all I’m learning to be on my own, not too close to home, but far enough to experience new things. Phoenix is a place of expansion, the city itself has not slowed down they are a continually growing. There are many career choices made available to you besides the great natural features of the city. Some people are attracted to the climate because you don’t have to worry about shoveling yourself out of knee-deep snow in the dead of winter. Let’s just say Phoenix isn’t what it may seem to those not living there, it is a wonderful place to live.

In northern Arizona, there is a border town by the name of Flagstaff that has stayed close to my heart even though I am in Phoenix. Aside from growing up there, it is a beautiful place where I wouldn’t mind raising any future children. First of all my opinion would be the climate is just amazing. In the middle of summer, it’s not hot enough to where anyone cannot enjoy the outdoors. My favorite things to do in the summer would be getting together with my church youth group. We would play basketball, go to camps and swim. We did anything imaginable; those activities are the most memorable parts of my summer. I also enjoyed watching the sunsets, they leave you in awe when watching it from any part of Flagstaff; I would recommend Snow Bowl Ski Resort for any sunset. Now changing seasons, winter is a spectacular time for the locals and tourists. Anybody looking to get away for the weekend can head to the ski resort and spend the day snowboarding, skiing and just about anything you can imagine that has to do with snow. What my brothers and I would do is make our own jumps, tie our sleds to a bike, and pull each other. Then sometimes our church group would get together and play football in the snow. Now during the spring and fall, the scenery takes your breath away. There’s flowers blooming, spring rain showers, autumn leaves that makes living in Flagstaff truly a great place to live.

Flagstaff did not only have many things going on and have its amazing weather; we also have a very welcoming community. Wherever you go within the city, there are people with friendly smiles upon their faces with friendly personalities. For tourists they don’t have to be afraid for asking directions or anything, we are nice people. The town is also very diverse. There are many coexisting within the same town of different nationalities. That’s probably what I like most about the town. There is always so much to learn about the person sitting next to you at the food court in the mall or the person standing in front of you in the checkout line. It was very easy to make new friends especially in high school. It had to be one of the most challenging experiences in my life, but very worthwhile.

The town itself had so much to offer me when I had lived there. I grew up there, my family still lives there and so many memories are still present in Flagstaff. That little town will always have a spot in my heart. Even though I always told myself, “I want to move so badly”. I couldn’t have imagined life anywhere else. There are many things I could say to convince a person to move to Arizona, Flagstaff in particular, but it can’t replace another individual’s home. Nobody can take that away from you. It’s a place that wherever your path takes you, you can always come home.

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